From a young age, I have always had a fascination with computers.  I remember spending long summer days in my family’s garage taking apart radios, appliances, and anything I could sneak away.  As a ten-year-old, I never knew the effect my tinkering would have on my life.  I tinkered out of fascination.  Today, I do a similar tinker, but on a different scale.  As I grew older, my fascination moved from deconstructing to constructing.  In my free time, I started developing small projects.  Eventually, I began helping others with their needs.  I learned as I went along.  As I started high school, I realized small businesses often lack amenities as simple as a website.  Having a quality website is often not a priority for business owners, simply due to more pressing concerns.  I started Max Vogel Group to take that burden away from business owners, allowing them to get back to why they opened shop in the first place.

Today, Max Vogel Group is no longer a small, one-man development team.  We are a growing, multi-member group that is committed to our clients' projects, starting with development and launch, and continuing through future iterations, changes, and updates.

By focusing our company around the brands we work with, we can better meet the needs of our clients, and better understand and plan for the future direction of our own products.  Large companies in our field have forgotten the core of our business: relationship with the customer.  While scalability is one path to success in the world of technology, it is not the only path.  We have decided to stick to our root: one-on-one relationships.  In working with a diverse set of clients from varied industries, we benefit from customer retention, strong referrals, better feedback, and an overall happier work environment.  In a world of technology, we focus equally on the world of partnerships.  You know our name, and we know yours.  We think that is something pretty special.


Wednesday, April 1, 2020

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